Flickering Lights

business ciruit breakers

Call Thomas Edison Electric if your business is experiencing dimming or flickering lights, blown fuses, or a sizzling sound coming from your electrical panel

Circuit Breakers and Fuses are used to safeguard electrical systems from allowing too much current to pass through. Workplaces today may be operating with inadequate electrical support for their newer, increasingly sophisticated technology. Electricity is the lifeblood of the modern workplace. From the coffee machine to computer monitors, printers, faxes, cell phones, security alarm systems and more, today's advanced technology can challenge existing electrical systems. When more amperage is transmitted across electrical wires than circuits can manage, circuit overloads happen.  Don't delay, call Thomas Edison Electric today.

Thomas Edison Electric will assess your electrical needs and systems, upgrading/replacing your electrical panel and circuitry, as needed. Don't let unwanted electrical disruptions interrupt your day. The only thing sizzling should be your bottom line.

Dimming or Flickering Lights suggest a poor connection somewhere along the circuit. If it is occurring throughout the business, a primary wire connection can be in trouble. It is time to call Thomas Edison Electric.