Burning Smells

burning smellElectrical smells are typically caused by parts overheating. Sometimes loose electrical connections cause wires or plastic relays to overheat.

A burning smell may be accompanied by smoke. Burning and electrical smells are severe matters for Thomas Edison Electric to correct. Don't delay! According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International,  data from the National Fire Protection Association show that  'almost 51,000 home fires involve electrical failure or malfunction on average each year, claiming almost 500 lives, injuring more than 1,400 people, and resulting in $1.3 billion in property damage.' (esfi.org)

Many homeowners are undertaking do-it-yourself projects to save money during this economic downturn, including choosing not to pay for the services of a licensed electrician.

Most homeowners do not have the training or experience necessary to safely execute electrical work, increasing the potential for injuries, and even introducing new electrical hazards into the home. Be safe, call Thomas Edison Electric's experienced electricians.